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Competition Squads

Want to be part of our award winning competition squads, please read on to find out more . . . . 

Places are awarded through audition to students who show passion for the arts and those gifted and talented in dance. Successful applicants gain a place in one of the squads for 1 academic year where they will train as a team, create a routine which is competed and performed across the UK at competitions and events. Our two different squads are; 

  • Street Dance Squad U18 - Synergy (12+ years)

  • Contemporary Squad U18 - Revolution X (12+ years)


The squads train once a week throughout the first 8 weeks of the Autumn Term, in addition to the students normal Tuffney lessons. Squad dancers must attend at least 2 Tuffney lesson a week. We only allow a maximum of 2 absences throughout the rehearsal period, so you must make sure you can commit before applying.

The Squad then only meet for competition and events throughout the rest of the year

Squad dancers must purchase the Tuffney uniform to be worn at all events 

Squad dancers fees are £100/term plus competition fees which helps towards studio hire, costumes, music and industry professionals

The Auditions

Instead of formal auditions this year, Kylie and Macie will assess dancers in their normal class. We will run the usual warm-up and technique and you will then be taught  a short routine, which will be performed in smaller groups. We are looking for dancers that are not only gifted and talented in the style of dance but also show good work ethic, have had commitment and good attendance at class. The dancers must be able to work as part of a team and be able to take direction and apply corrections. Be prepared to work hard and support their team mates and be a confident and energetic performer.

Dancers will be notified by email whether they are successful in this years squads and then the squad dancers will be announced at the Presentation evening in July.

Dancers will only be allowed to be in one squad, i.e if they wanted to audition for both street and contemporary and was successful in both they would make their own choice as to which squad they would like to be in this year.

We have a 3 strike rule, if dancers miss more than 3 events their space on the squad may be compromised. We require a certain amount of commitment to the squad but we are also mindful most of the dancers are GCSE/A-level age and therefore we help them to juggle their commitments and create a realistic schedule.

Whilst we would love to be able to offer everyone a space on the competition squads, unfortunately it is just not possible. If unsuccessful this year, we would encourage to audition again next year. We want to teach our dancers that this industry is tough, you have to be able to take rejection ad continue to work hard and try again, which is a life lesson not just applicable in dance. Their time will come when the time is right.  

We will keep the dancers details on file for 1 year on the waiting list if a space becomes available we may contact you.

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