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Cecchetti Ballet

Tuffney Performing arts teaches Cecchetti Ballet in association with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.). The Cecchetti method of Classical Ballet offers a complete and well structured system of training which caters for the small child through to the professional dancer. We train students for graded examinations but are not compulsory, towards the younger end of the Academy ballet classes nurture the creativity and fundamentals of Ballet, whereas the older, more advanced classes take a more serious tone based on Cecchetti principles and provide strength and co-ordination together with a quality of movement and provide the teachings of a professional approach towards each students' studies. Ballet is the core to all dance forms, and provides a sound foundation for all other techniques in dance. It is greatly advised to study ballet as a basis for any further training in different fields of dance.


Students may choose to start pointe work alongside their ballet training. This is offered to ballet students who have achieved grade 4 or above and show correct technique and strength needed for pointe work.


We take students from as young as 2 years, children however don't take exams until they are 5 years olds. Ballet is a fantastic introduction to dance, teaching balance, co-ordination, musicality and imagination as well as the ability to listen, follow instructions and develop speech and language.


As part of the ISTD, students will have the option of taking Cecchetti children's exams, in grades, standards and vocational.

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